Much like chunky trainers emphasize a wide feet, or ankle-grazers make short legs look even shorter, there are certain type of shoes that might highlight the length of the feet. And while we advocate for whatever fashion you love, and makes you feel ready to conquer the world, we do know there are certain models that work wonders to make large feet appear slightly more stylized.  

One thing you might want to avoid are shoes with an extremely narrow toe; icons like the Valentino Rockstud flats, or Manolo Blahnik’s Hangisi ballerinas have made the pointed style increasingly more covetable in the past few years. When shopping for this city girl must-have we recommend you look for shoes with slightly rounder edges, leaving less wasted space at the toe end.

If you’re looking to invest in summery styles, whether that is a sexy sandal to carry you through the sunny weather or a classy flat for day to night dressing, might we suggest a strappy model? Caressing the silhouette at all the right angles, straps cover the feet in a way that is both feminine and fun.

Another trick is to look for shoes with an adornment of any kind; think bows, trims, chains, frilled edges, or anything that suits your personal taste, to interrupt the monotony of an otherwise long shoe.

Whatever style you choose, remember to always step with pride, you are perfect exactly the way you are.

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