When you think of women with big feet one image comes clearly to mind; Cinderella’s evil stepsister trying to squeeze her large foot into the glass slipper. No matter how hard she tried, her efforts were always going to be in vain, because the dazzling magical shoe belongs to a girl with dainty small feet.

While that might be a fairy tale, the truth is, reality for women with big feet is not much different. As a girl I struggled to find a pair of shoes that matched my fun and feminine style. At a time when my peers were experimenting with trends and developing their fashion personality, I was forced to shop in the boys aisle, with only clunky trainers and plain loafers as suitable options to dress.

It would seem I was never meant to be the Cinderella in my own story, my large feet were somehow the wrong kind for a princess, and how is a girl supposed to grow into a strong, confident woman if she can’t feel deserving of being the belle of the ball?

We think it’s about time every girl is allowed to write her own story however she wants, in whatever pair of shoes she likes, wouldn’t you agree?

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