After a year of living with hard emotions and easy fashion, it seems like we might finally be free to embrace the best the world outside has to offer.

No matter if you are a meticulous planner or a spontaneous free spirit, I bet you have given a thought - or two - to your choice of outfit for that day, after all, such a momentous occasion merits your best self and nothing less.

To make the job easier for you, I asked my stylist friends for some advice to nail the post-lockdown look.

The key words they all seemed to agree upon were comfortable glamour, two concepts that at first might seem at odds, but mixed make for a winning combination; think sequinned sweatpants with classy loafers, feathered hoodies with embellished trainers or tulle dresses with comfy pointed flats.

Just as we are not prepared to give up on our newfound work-life balance, nor on the lessons learned about kindness and mental health, it seems the pandemic has also changed our views regarding comfort and the invaluable cost of pleasant to wear apparel.

So, if like me you are still looking for that one thing to splurge on, to see you out of lockdown loneliness, consider investing in a pair of memory foam, flat-heeled shoes, to blissfully carry you through what promises to be a remarkably busy day of reuniting with friends and family.

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