How can you practice slow fashion?

One thing is clear, slow fashion is not cheap, nor easy to access, so why should you get into it? The short answer is because being good is the new cool.

For years environmentalists have been warning us about the effects of climate change but it’s not until recently that easy to follow solutions have been made available for consumers to change their habits.

The fashion industry is responsible for much of the world’s pollution, it is understandable then, that the first step into a more sustainable life is made through conscious shopping. There are few ways to achieve this: by buying from local manufacturers thus reducing the carbon footprint, by purchasing products made of recycled, organic or cruelty free vegan materials, by supporting brands championing for social justice and lastly, and probably easiest, by investing in quality over quantity when it comes to apparel.

At Mokkah we are committed to making shoes that are good for you and for the world. Controlling our production to limited batches, helping reduce the excess of waste, using superior materials resistant to the wear of time and designing models that are classy and seasonless, ensuring you would want to wear them for years to come.

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